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Amazon is set to score another first. The U.S. giant revealed its plans to deliver supplies to the moon by the year 2020. This information was revealed by The Washington Post, one of the business concerns of Jeff Bezos.

According to Jeff Bezos, who is also the founder of Amazon, the estimated launch date of July 2020 depends largely on how much NASA involves itself with the project. Reports reveal that at present, Amazon has distributed the white paper that contains details of the proposed plan to members of the Trump’s administration and top officials of NASA.

What Amazon needs from NASA, according to the report, is an incentive that will make the private sector get serious about flying cargo to the moon. He further revealed that Blue Origin, his space company, has a spacecraft which is geared to landing on the South Pole of the moon which is sunny. The cargo which the Blue Moon can carry can weigh as much as 10,000 pounds. The reason why the Blue Moon seeks to have a parking spot near the Shackleton Crater is because of the near constant sunlight which is needed to power the solar array of the lander. The need for rocket fuel that can be gotten by using nearby water as hydrogen source also explains the reason for choosing the moon’s southern pole.

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The spacecraft which goes by the name “Blue Moon” will have onboard every necessary equipment that will assist humans in making the moon a new base. The incentive which Blue Origin offers NASA is an opportunity to have rovers deployed as well as conduct science if the Blue Moon lands on the moon. This will be achieved using the payload of the lander. Attached to the lander is a robotic arm which has enough instruments to examine the surface of the moon when deployed.

According to Jeff, if given the nod by NASA, a good delivery system to the moon is very key to having any sort of human settlement established there.

Amazon hopes to get the support of the Trump’s administration. This is because the Trump’s administration is more inclined to lend support to a mission to the moon. This is a change of course from past President Obama’s support for a mission to Mars.

Jeff Bezos’ space competitor, Elon Musk, has a plan to send two unnamed people on a trip around the moon. This is different from Jeff’s plan of transporting only the equipment and gear which people who establish a base on the moon will need.

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