Industrial products selling sites in India


Internet users in India are growing over a wide range. About 34% of population in India is actively using internet. Online selling of products have been increased gradually. So industrial products are also sold online. Some of the industrial products are: rubber and rubber products, conveyor and transmission belts, oil, grease and many more things. So below are 4 sites which sells industrial products online.

1. Industrybuying: Industrybuying is offering great things to industrial community. Provides all different needs of consumers.It has most of the industrial products. Website is user friendly and has some special offers always for consumers. No coupons are available here but they use special code to give some extra discount. visit our Industrybuying coupons and deals page for these codes. Flexible and secure payment options are available. Bulk ordering is also accepted so it gives an advantage.-Office products are available-Automotive maintenance and accessories are found easily here-Power tools like saws, marble cutter etc. are easily available-Solar materials are available-Agriculture garden and landscaping tools are available-Lab supplies such as glasswares, storages etc. are available-Pneumatics, Adhesives are also sold -Industrial automation accessories are available.-Security cameras All this and many more things are available here with maximum benefits. This site also has its own seller hub so you can sell your products over here with all the benefits.

2. Industrykart: Industrykart sells most of the industrial products online and with great offer prices. Products are sold over wide range. A consumer friendly website which gives importance to their consumers. It basically sells most of the industrial products required in this present world. Flexible and secure payment options are available.- Safety equipment and most of the tool accessories are sold here- Electrical equipment such as A.C. motors, switch gears, energy meters etc. are available here-Most of the testing and measuring instruments are available-Hydraulic accessories are sold out at reasonable rates-Water pumps are available -Hardware and material handling equipment are available Safety tools and hydraulic accessories are majorly sold things on this website
All these things at a reasonable rates are found on this site.

3. Electrikals: Electrikals mostly has focus on electrical products and is India’s leading site selling these products. Payment methods are secure and flexible. It has specifications to manage and to decide a perfect buy with no regrets. Sadly coupons are not able to buy anything here but they have their own special offers. Their major product range is listed below.
– Lighting: Industrial lighting, LED lights etc.-Wires and cables such as single core copper wires and multi-cores are available- Switches and sockets are available- Measuring instruments, electrical tools and crimping tools are also available.All these things are majorly demanded on this site.

4. Technocart: Technocart is also another best site for having quality industrial products. Site is consumer friendly and can be used easily. We can also sell on technocart it has this option. They have special offer zones for consumers. This site gives you a coupon of 2000/- rupees if they cant find the product we require even after challenging them.
Various instruments are available such as:-Pneumatic and hydraulic-Machinery and spares-Measuring equipments, electrical and IT accessories are also available
so all this sites provides great industrial genuine products and are consumer friendly with flexibility.

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